Iconic Afffiliate Program

Become an ICONIC Ambassador and benefit from commissions and exclusive advantages.

Affiliate Program Iconic

Are you a content creator looking to supplement your income? Become an ICONIC Ambassador and start earning your first commissions quickly.

High commission rate of 8%.

Receive 8% of sales (excl. VAT) generated via your Ambassador link.

Ecxlusive advantages

The more sales you make, the higher up the affiliate ladder you'll go. Try to become a Premium Affiliate for exclusive benefits.

Personalize your Apollon chair

Do you generate a significant number of sales? Receive a personalized cushion or chair as a reward.

How does it work ?

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Share our products and distribute your affiliate link

Receive your affiliate link and share it by promoting our products.

Earn cash and/or exclusive adventures

Receive a percentage of the sales you generate directly to your account!

3 affiliate classes


0 - 200 Sales

5% commission
Refund of your chair after 50 sales


200 - 500 Sales

8% commission


500 Sales and more

10% commission
Promotional codes exclusive to your community


To apply, you need to be a content creator with an audience and visibility.

We're interested in all types of profiles, so don't hesitate to apply! Our team will study your application and get back to you as soon as possible.

Every month you'll receive a table summarizing the sales generated via your Ambassador link.

You can choose to receive your commissions by bank transfer or PayPal, or to accumulate them to benefit from the exclusive advantages of Iconic Ambassadors.

Due to the high volume of requests, it may take some time for our team to review your request.

You can expect to receive an answer within 1 to 2 weeks. You can rest assured that you'll receive an answer no matter what, positive or negative.

For new ICONIC affiliates we do not offer immediate discounts via their affiliate links.

However, if you generate a large number of sales, we can offer you discount coupons to pass on to your community.

ICONIC offers 2 types of customization:

- Customization for wholesale or corporate orders (min 30 seats).

- Free personalization of an Apollon seat for an Ambassador who has generated a lot of sales via his affiliate link.

Our affiliate program uses cookies to track the purchasing process. Cookies must therefore be enabled on the buyer's browser for your commission to be properly credited. Any program that interferes with cookie tracking may prevent the process from running smoothly. (see if we go through an agency or try to set up a structure ourselves).

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