All products purchased on the Subsonic.com website are guaranteed for 24 months if used in accordance with the recommended recommendations. By normal use, we mean that you use our products in accordance with the recommendations in the instructions manual and that they are used for domestic use (private use).

The following are excluded from the warranty:

- Items that have been altered, transformed, or modified
- Deteriorations linked to a lack of care or to the non-respect of the recommendations of use, of the precautions at the reception (deterioration at the unpacking), of assembly, of use, of maintenance, and of storage
- Purchase of an item not compatible with the product.

To exercise guarantee, contact our Consumer Service:

- By describing as precisely as possible the problem encountered,
- By joining your proof of purchase,
- by one or more photographs if necessary.

We will do our best to help you!

Finally, please note that if you made your purchase through a retailer (store, third-party website, marketplace...), we invite you to contact him directly and provide your proof of purchase. We will not be able to process customer service directly in the case of a purchase from a Subsonic reseller.

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